About Me

I'm a Southern Gal in Southern Cal who went back to school to become a Chef. I run my own Artisanal Catering & Recipe Development Co, and work as Exec. Chef for "Fete Du The" by Algabar. I'm a mom and I also work as an actress, writer, improvisational theatre director/teacher at the Groundlings in LA, an art docent, a volunteer with Lolipop Theatre Network (bringing current films to kids in hospitals and clinics), and a film maker. I'm a member of Slow Food USA, and I can spend hours at the Farmers Market, Book Store, Art Gallery, Surfa Chef Supplies, and in that sliver of sunlight that shows up on the patio. As a child, I lived next to my Grandparents survival farm in N.C., and I'm at home in the city or the country, in a church or a casino, at a flea market or a Bergman Retrospective. I'm an Italophile, studied the language for a few years, traveled all over and teach pasta making to kids.