Thursday, April 21, 2011

StoveTop Smoked Fish - A Crowd Pleaser

Stovetop Tea Smoked Fish done at home is like camping with a little style and... less dirt in your food. When I serve this at a party or bring it to a friend's house it's always accompanied by "wows and woos". There's always at least one guy who can't believe I smoked it myself, at home, with tea.
Tea Smoked Black Cod
I've written about Tea Smoked Salmon and in that post I gave a picture-filled HOW-TO using just foil and a casserole pot. This time I used a cast iron stove-top smoker (by Emerilware) that I've had for awhile. If you're interested (and there are a lot of uses for one), I found a different style at Chef's Catalog "StoveTop Smoker" right here.

(tea/rice/brown sugar/seasonings)
The other day I was thrilled to be a part of a video shoot for I Love Blue Sea - an online site for ordering fresh sustainable seafood. Along with Rachel at Fuji Mama, Allison at Sushi Day, and Greg at Sippity Sup, we prepared several recipes for I Love Blue Sea and they'll be running on that site soon (stay tuned.) When the shoot was over there were several seafood items left for us to take home with us. I did not have to be asked twice and I scored a gorgeous Black Cod and a dozen Green Lipped Mussels (post to come soon.) One of the handy facts about Tea Smoked Fish is that you can keep it in the refrigerator for a couple days and it still has a deep smokey flavor and since Black Cod is a moist, fatty fish with tons of good things going on for you-- - the thick flaky fish holds in the moisture and the earthy tea seasonings the whole time. I pretty well stayed to the same recipe as for the Tea Smoked Salmon, so check out that post HERE for details, along with the pics posted.

Black Cod Fish Tacos with Fried Radish
Thanks for stopping by, and smoke on! :D


Anonymous said...

i've done this on the grill, but never in the house. does the fire department show up at the door or is this one of those magic objects that defy the physics of smoke? if so, this is me shopping..

showfoodchef said...

Tracy: thanks for stopping by. This cast iron stove top smoker is really good and I never have smoke outside of it, even without foil or anything. I've also done this on catering jobs and rigged a casserole dish or baker with foil (see the salmon post) and no smoke got in the house either. My favorite part is how I can just wrap up the foil and toss it away :D

Rachael Hutchings said...

YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!!! I loved getting to spend some time with you last week!

r said...

Delicious, this is simply healthy and delicious! With some spicy rice, this will make my dinner for many days from now on..