Saturday, August 20, 2011

Better Butter with Orange & Mint (Simple Saturday)

Sometimes people get jammed up about Jam and think Butter is better. For those times, and for those people, there's Compound Butter with Orange and Mint. And, of course, you could use both. Yeah, sometimes I do, so what? :DCompound Butter is simply taking soft butter and adding flavorings.It makes an amazing addition to Chicken Kiev when you make lemon and chive butter. It gives great color and flavor to Fish when you add Tomato Butter to the baking.Take a few moments to make sure you really combine the fats with the flavorings - - then chill the butter in a log for slicing later, or in a flat disk for cutting into shapes. You can add a little zing to your biscuit, scone, eggs, or brunch presentation with that imagination of yours. Go ahead - make your butter better.RECIPE: Compound Butter with Orange and Mint

1 stick of butter (soft)
1 orange zest and juice
2 fresh mint leaves (minced)

1) In a bowl with a wooden spoon or paddle, mix the juice (a little at a time) into the butter. Then mix in the mint.

2) Wrap the compound butter in plastic wrap in a disk, or a log and chill for a few hours.

3) When ready to serve, cut shapes out or slice the log into rounds. Replace any butter not used into the refrigerator. You can also keep this in the freezer for at least a week.
:D Happy Saturdays~

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