Sunday, October 16, 2011

Maple Tofu Bites - Simple Saturday

These Maple Tofu Bites are more of a tasty-treat-tip than a recipe. They make a fun, pick-up sweet appetizer for a cocktail party or a kid's party (and the best part is they're so good for us.)
Maple Tofu Bites

I was lucky enough to be invited by Allison of to a Tofu Workshop that was being taught by Rachael of

We started with dried soy beans.

They were soaked and ground up.

Allison doing the grinding~

They were heated and pressed,

Andrew of doing the pressing~

which gave us warm, toasty soy milk.

Rachael guiding us~

It was so nutty and delicious I may be spoiled for store-bought forever. The soy milk was curdled and then the pillowy curds were ladled into a wooden press.
After and hour, we ended up with creamy, fresh tofu.
We didn't even throw out the nib-like paste, called Okara, that's left over from pressing the ground beans for the soy milk. We each took some home to use in cooking other things. (hint: post to come?)

Our Tofu was silky melt-in-your-mouth light and we topped our bites with chopped scallions and grated daikon.

Then Allison told us how she and her boyfriend, Son, like to eat tofu drizzled with pure maple syrup. What? What? Doesn't that sound incredible? Well, turns out - it IS incredible and how easy is that? Of course, Allison didn't just bring up the idea without also bringing out the maple syrup so we could test this brilliant tip.
So, now I pass it along to you with the added plating idea of making tiny lollipops out of them for serving at a party or to kids (who love eating anything on sticks. Who doesn't, really?)

I know the generous and talented Allison will be posting the whole workshop on her site soon, so check out and follow her for updates. You can also visit for tofu making and other wonderful recipes.

Maple Tofu Bites:

Firm Tofu
Real Maple Syrup

1)Use a small cookie cutter to cut your tofu into small bite size pieces (or cut into small cubes)

2) Drizzle with Maple Syrup, or pre-soak in Maple Syrup for a few minutes before placing small wooden skewers or sandwich picks into the tofu pieces for serving. Garnish with chopped nuts, if you desire.Happy Saturdays and here's to simple scrumptious ideas~ Thanks for stopping by.

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lynn said...

i have always wanted to try fresh tofu!!!

these bites are adorable, by the way….