Friday, June 8, 2012

Radish Salad filled Deviled Eggs ~

Hello Summer. Hello picnics. Hello Radish Salad filled Deviled Eggs.

I got lucky this week, my Farm Fresh box had a bouguet of Rosy Radishes just waiting for ideas.  One idea happened very fast: I washed it, sprinkled some fleur de sel on top and popped it in my mouth.  Done.
The next idea took a tiny bit more patience, but the payoff was big. I boiled a few Safe Eggs, grabbed my mandoline to create a handful of thin slices, and chopped a few into a fine mesh of peppery sprinkles.

Once the eggs were finished and peeled, I got fancy with the yolks (not really.)  I used a garlic press to turn the yolks into a crumbly garnish.  You could just as easily chop them up too.
The whole filling came together pretty fast, however my husband came by and stole two of them before I hardly got started.  I will also tell on him by exposing that he ate the leftover Radish salad without anything more than a cracker for a scoop.  His sneaky return to the scene of the crime is always a good sign that the recipe works on a whole hardy level, too.
For the more "elegant among us", these make a beautiful party platter and can be chilled ahead of time for a picnic treat.
I used Safe Eggs for these, because I always have those on hand for baking with meringue or macarons or sauces.  I learned about Safe Eggs at a blogging meeting and loved the whole idea of NOT worrying about raw egg whites or young kids eating baked treats, etc.  Here's a link that tells you more about it:

Hope all your picnics are sunny and your days filled with delights as tasty as this Radish Salad. :D

Recipe: Radish Salad

1/2 cup minced Radish (about 5-6 large Radishes)
1 extra Radish, sliced for optional garnish
1/3 cup Sour Cream or Cream Cheese (for firmer)
1/4 cup Grated Parmigianno Cheese
1/2 Lemon zest
1/2 Teaspoon fresh (or dried) Tarragon (or Dill)
6 Boiled eggs (cut in half, yolks removed and saved for garnish)

1)  In a small bowl, mix the minced Radish, Sour Cream, Cheese, Zest, a couple of the cooked yolks, Herbs and dash of salt and pepper together well.

2)  Spoon a heaping amount of Radish Salad into each boiled egg white half.

3)  Grate or chop the rest of the egg yolks and sprinkle over the top of each filled Devil Egg.  Serve chilled and garnished with Radish slices.

These can be made ahead and chilled for a few hours before serving.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Wow! These look delicious. I can't wait to share these yummy-looking treats with my family!

Khali//Bandit and the Scene Stealers said...

Love this. I just recently had my first radish and loved it. I have always been a fan of egg salad and picnics. And these shots are so bright and fun! All around great post.