Saturday, November 6, 2010

Food Buzz at FoodBuzz

Welcome Food by FrogHollow Farms

This weekend I am living the dream of any food lover. I'm in gorgeous San Francisco, California at a Food Blogging/Writer's Conference where my job is to eat amazing food, and drink (thoughtfully) all the wine and fine brewed beer I can consume. Tough job, but somebody....right?

This conference is sponsored by FoodBuzz (click and read all about them.)Just for the major drool opportunity, I thought I'd post a few pics before I nap like a Roman Soldier and go back out there and be glutinous once again.The evening's food festivities began just as the sun was setting over the water at the Fort Mason pavilion . Hungry bloggers followed the "I (heart) Foodbuzz" signs, and grabbed a paper that told them which table was theirs, and also a few friendly instructions to follow as a way to get to know each other. Each of us brought a gift for exchanging with another blogger. I was SO fortunate to receive a gift of Teuscher Chocolates from Elaina at One Healthy Apple.
I gave my gift of jam, fruit paste and a few things from Hermosa Beach, California to Renuka of I Dream O Food.
Then, the rumbling charge to the food trucks and stands commenced.Sometimes I got the chance to make a food-pic, and other times it was devoured before my brain could tell my hands to pick up the camera. Here are a few of the goodies:
Namu Korean Taco Tacolicious
Roli Roti - Porchetta
Chez Spencer's Braised Lamb and Lobster CappacinoStraus ice creamsMission Mini Cupcakes
The second day includes break-out sessions about photography, writing and videos. After that there is a different pavilion full of food waiting for us to taste before we have our dinner of even more food. This calls for stretchy pants.


Renuka said...

Thanks Cathy for your wonderful gift. I loved it.
Renuka (

Khali//Bandit and the Scene Stealers said...

That looks amazing! I love the community of bloggers. The photos are awesome. Can't believe you got them up so fast.

Astrid said...

Hi! It was great meeting you at FoodBuzz! There is a pic of me opening up a gift in this post. How awesome. Glad you had a great time.

Eileen said...

From all accounts everyone had a great time. Maybe next year for me! Thanks for sharing.

Diana said...

Wasn't the Frog Hollow food amazing! The pears...that cheese!

Love your photo of the dock, btw. :)