Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Create Your Own Box Of Chocolates -

Sometimes the best way to say, 
“I Love You” is to just say it.
However, adding chocolate 
could help. 
You can create your own chocolates with a few steps that are so easy, even a toddler will enjoy making a family treat.
The choices of what you add to your chocolates can be unique and simple... 
...or as evolved and inventive as you prefer.   
In fact, why not make a party of the whole event?

Recipe: Choosy Chocolates
(makes about 12-15 chocolates, but the recipe can be increased as needed)

1 cup Chocolate pieces:
preferably a very good quality with high cacao and less sugar content.

One or Several choices according to your preference:
shredded coconut, dried fruit pieces, nuts, pretzel pieces, candied fruits, pine nuts, pepitas, salt crystals, flavored sugars, broken candy pieces, organic edible herbs and flowers, etc.

 1)   Gently melt the chocolate your favorite way: double boiler, microwave slowly, etc.

 2)   Spoon small dollops onto a parchment or silicon covered baking or cookie sheet pan. Use the spoon to create other shapes if you like, ie. a heart.

 3)   Sprinkle your toppings as desired, but leave mostly chocolate showing.
 4)  Allow to sit until cooled and hardened (if you have tempered your chocolate you can put them in the refrigerator for a few minutes to speed the process.)

If life is like a box of chocolates, why not create your own choices!

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