Saturday, July 24, 2010

Make Your Own Cheese (plus 3 recipes) - Simple Saturday

Just in case you haven't heard; making your own Ricotta Cheese is silly simple. I'm serious. It takes three ingredients, minimal skill and a few hours of just waiting.
Recipe: Ricotta Cheese
4 cups whole milk

1/2 cup heavy cream
1/4 tsp. salt

2 Tbls. Lime juice (or vinegar)

In a saucepan, heat the milk, cream and salt to a full out rolling boil while stirring. After the milk mixture is boiling, pour in the lime juice, reduce the heat and continue to gently stir while the dairy curdles and the whey separates. You'll see clumps forming.

Turn off the heat and let the curdles continue undisturbed for 10 minutes. While waiting, place a cheesecloth in a strainer, then over a bowl. Pour the curdled milk into the cheesecloth covered strainer and let the liquid drain through for one hour.
Then, refrigerate overnight. The next day, remove and put the Ricotta Cheese in a covered container in the refrigerator.
Ok, so you've made your own Ricotta Cheese, now what?

Here are a few ways to use this gorgeous, subtle, creamy Italian cheese.
1) Stir in a few blueberries, or other berries. Top with a few spoons of granola or chopped nuts and drizzle honey or maple syrup over the whole delicious cup o' goodness.
2) Mix 1 cup of Ricotta Cheese with a Tablespoon of parmesan cheese, chopped shallots, sliced garlic, and chopped parsley (or oregano, thyme or dill), a squeeze of lemon juice, 1/2 cup milk and 2 beaten eggs. Then stir in 1/2 cup chopped mushrooms. Pour into a buttered pie dish and bake on 350F for about 45minutes to an hour. Slice to serve.
3) Toast slices of french bread, spread Ricotta cheese on each slice and top with caramelized onions, or diced black olives or chopped tomatoes. Top with a few capers. Drizzle with good olive oil. Serve for an appetizer.


marla {family fresh cooking} said...

I love how simple this home made ricotta is. Your photos are making me so hungry and motivated to make my own. All of your suggestions look wonderful!

Sean said...

Hi -- I'm the founder/moderator of a site called Punk Domestics (, an aggregation site for folks like me who are interested in the old-school domestic arts. Cheesemaking is one of our primary topics. I'd love for you to submit this. It's basically like Tastespotting: You submit an image, link, title and description, and the teaser links back to this page. Cheers!

(P.S. the Captcha was LARDO. Awesome.)

Cowgirl Chef said...

I saw a recipe for making your own ricotta somewhere, and was planning to do this, but couldn't find cheesecloth, then I forgot about it. Now you've convinced me! Great pix, wonderful post.

Adelina said...

Beautiful! borrowed the recipe- gave credits!