Wednesday, May 4, 2011

CampBlogAway & Spicy Avocado-n-Bacon Frozen Magarita Recipe

I went to Camp and all you got was this
Spicy Avocado Bacon Frozen Margarita recipe.

Why would anyone drive hours from home into the mountains of California and sleep in a cabin to talk about food blogging?

Because it's FUN, people, it's FUN!

Not only was CampBlogAway fun, it was inspiring. Yeah, I know that word can be overused. But when you leave a place with the feeling of energy and renewed focus because of other people's lives, viewpoints or challenges they overcame - what else can you call it?

Joy (
Joy the Baker), an extremely successful gal, let us in on her secret to a great Food Blog: Write from the heart, be yourself, give your best and they will come.

(5 Second Rule) and Susan (Food Blogga) reminded us that building a "community" and reaching out to others, paying attention to who reads our blogs, and staying accountable for what we put out there will result in a larger community and a better planet.

I call that inspiring.

Not only was
CampBlogAway inspiring, it was informative.

I didn't know that
Idaho Potatoes are naturally capable of being crisp on the outside and firm, but fluffy on the inside because of the Volcanic minerals in the soil of Idaho.

I didn't know that
Fiji Water was helping villages receive water supplies for themselves, as well. I didn't know you could buy eggs (SafeEggs) that are pasteurized, therefore no worries of deadly salmonella.

I didn't know that
fondant is so easy, anyone can create beauty. I didn't know that Wente Vineyards have such a light, crisp Chardonnay. I didn't know the inside of a California Avocado (next to the shell) has the most nutrients.
I didn't know that Patti (Worth the Whisk and camp captain) was a Virgo (structured, yet nurturing, humorous and inventive). I didn't know that Rachel (LaFujiMama) and Dara (CookinCanuck) could talk and laugh until 2:30 in the morning, just like me.

I call that informative.

CampBlogAway was like being a teenager, away at camp with buddies...
...except there's wine and better food.
A special thanks to Diane (CreatedBy-Diane) for the buttery Lemon Poppy Seed cookies that got me through my afternoon munchies.

To cap off my adult adventure and use one of the perfect avocados I got from camp,
and to send us into Cinco de Mayo - here's a savory, almost healthy (wink, wink) cocktail. SPICY AVOCADO & BACON FROZEN MARGARITA: (serves about 4)

1 ripe Avocado (peeled and chopped)

1/2 Jalapeno (chopped)

6 Slices of Bacon (cooked crisp)
3 oz. Tequila (can use Vodka)

2 oz. Triple Sec or Cointreau

4 oz. Lime Juice or Sour Mix

1) In a blender, start with a little ice, then add the avocado, jalapeno, 1 slice of the bacon, the Tequila, Triple sec (I used Cointreau) and lime juice. Puree this, then add more ice until it reaches the consistency you like.

2) Taste along the way and increase the lime juice or ice as needed.

3) Separately, grind 3-4 slices of crisp bacon into dust for garnishing the glass edges and use the rest of the bacon pieces as swizzle sticks.
This is a savory tasting cocktail, not sweet like the fruity ones. Serve immediately for a creamy texture or hold in refrigerator and stir briskly for a more liquid version.


Diane Schmidt said...

Camp was FUN, FUN, FUN so glad I got to spend time with you!!!
Love this recipe it's fun just like you are :)
You are oh so welcome for the cookies, I'm glad I decided to bring them.
I can't wait to see you again soon!

Lana said...

What a wonderful recap! I was reliving every moment with every word you wrote. We definitely need a reunion! And thanks for taking all the pictures - it is a beautiful slide show! Cannot wait to see you again:)
BTW, thanks for the wonderful comment - it made me tear up:)

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

Camp with wine... What a concept!

I had pondered attending. Maybe next year


Sippity Sup said...

Too bad I was too afraid of other kids when I was a kid because I sure missed something by refusing to go to camp! This CampBlogaway adventure was such an amazing experience and you were an important part of that. GREG

Suzanne said...

looks like fun, I saw your tweet and popped over. I pinned several of your recipes for later. You have a lovely blog. And BTW I'm a Southern Cal girl living in the South :)

Kristina Vanni said...

This recipe is AMAZING! Love the idea of bacon on the rim. So creative! It was great meeting you at Camp Blogaway and now I look forward to getting to know you better through your wonderful blog!

FamilySpice said...

Oh, what a goofy picture of us! LOL! It was great meeting you at camp. We really did have a special group of people!