Thursday, February 2, 2012

Party Favorites By Request ~

Here's a collection of Party foods fit for a Super Bowl day, Entertaining pals, or the answer to that dreaded question, "What can YOU bring?"

These recipes are posted on the ShowFood Chef site already, and you can click on the link below the picture to get to them. One of my readers wrote and asked if I have a compilation or a list of suggestions for her Super Bowl "excuse to eat and drink with friends" Sunday. It was a great idea, but I didn't have a particular list set up. Now I do. Go Team!

I love when my readers make request and I'll try to accommodate, so talk to me, peeps. You are all winners in my world.


lynn said...

i have a log of chevre i wanna turn into a dip or casserole (vegetarian). help!!!

showfoodchef said...

Hey Actor's Diet - love your blog. So here are a couple thoughts, maybe to inspire you with others:
1) If you have enough, make a Trio of Spicy (stir in sriracha,sundried tomato and basil, maybe some roasted walnuts) Umami (stir in chopped mixed mushrooms and caramelized onions) and Sweet (stir in dried warm fruits like apricots, dates and figs)for crostini.
2) Saute Spinach, Artichokes or Kale with onions and stir it in to the cheese, top with toasted pine nuts and bake for a few minutes - serve warm with chips. :D